Most of the girls love to buy small and shiny computers, and if you are one of them, then you might want to seriously consider getting a Pink Dell Mini laptop. I know, a Dell computer “for girls” may seem hard to believe, but it seems that the Palo Alto based company decided it’s time not to ignore this niche anymore.

And I have to admit that they’ve made a pretty good job, by obtaining an extremely appealing and good looking pink netbook.

When I say this I don’t only mean the color of the case (which is pink, of course), but also to the technical specifications.

A picture with the 10 inch Pink Dell mini laptop in various colors

The 10 inch Pink Dell Mini Laptop comes in a veriety of colors. Source:

Talking about them, you should know that this 10 inch screen pink dell laptopcomes with a smooth working 1.66 GHz N455 Intel Atom processor and a graphics card with not less than 1GB of memory, which really is rather unusual for such a small sized laptop. Add a 150 GB hard disk, and you’re ready to go…

If you like watching music videos and other type of animated pictures, this laptop’s screen will make everything look like real, even if it only is 10 inches wide, but the 1024X600 resolution really does help it in creating greatly colored images, while the viewing angles are great as well.

But that’s not all: if you ever want to connect to the Internet while you’re in a café for example, you can use the Wireless Realtek 802.11n Bluetooth, or you can check out some of the latest pictures you took with your mobile phone by inserting the memory card inside the 3 in 1 included reader.

As you can see, there’s hardly any device that this Pink Dell Mini laptop doesn’t come with, and it’s a big shame not to buy it considering that we can now offer it for as low as $374 – a great offer if you ask me about it…

As I saw when I tries this pink mini laptop, it’s not only about the computer itself, but more, it’s about the way it works and, as all the pink laptops, it is extremely important that by using it you are making a statement: that you’re a feminine girl, which inspires both fragility and determination. It’s exactly what the guys love!

The bottom line is that this Pink Dell Mini laptop isreally worth the money, as it’s one of the few computers out there that manages to combine a well prepared system with a “sexy” look. As I said earlier, I have used it myself for a few minutes, and I haven’t really seen any major weaknesses or issues.

A pink princess.

the new 10 inch Pink Dell Mini Laptop will make you feel and look like a princess. Source:

Try it yourself, and I bet you will love this Pink Dell Mini laptop. Any girl would be more than happy to have it as its small size really makes it a perfect buy for any princess “wanna be” out there, mostly because besides everything else, it is extremely easy to carry along with you – it might fit perfectly into your bag!

These are only a few of the reasons that might determine you to get a Pink Dell Mini laptop ASAP. My advice to you is to check out the link above, and I’m almost 100% sure that it will be love at first sight.

If you still have a hard time believing that, I invite you to watch the video below. Thanks and have fun shopping!